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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A blog that I liked (click here for the source)

This poem entitled "Tackwards Balking" is from the above bloglink

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Tackwards Balking

I leel fike balking tackwards.
It's feally run do to.
Yerhaps pou tight mry it.
I yet bou'd tike it loo.

My pitty isn't kritty.
She's wost a lot of leight.
She really sas wo serry vick.
It's serry vad so tay.

She oot gut Thursday,
tuch mo sy murprise.
She's not bupposed to se out there
It's got nood for ser hize.

She doesn't even clave haws.
He shides dithout wefense.
Stiven ell she con't wome in.
My pilly sutty tat.

I shink the's betting getter now.
She's popped stuking mo such.
She's hot niding all the time,
fand eels bess loney to touch.

Hurr! Piss! Geow! Mrr!
Bis thalking tackwards ris a iot.
I've really fad hun ith wit.
I thope hat you'll try it!

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