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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Listen to Your Heart


Do you want to listen to what you want in your heart?  Are you afraid that your head will not agree with your heart and that your heart will get disappointed?

Is this what tears you apart in those difficult moments?  Is this why you are afraid to listen to your feelings?  Feelings are the pathway to your heart.  If you block the road to your heart, nothing can reach your heart, and your heart becomes separate from your head.  The head starts ruling you and makes you forget about your heart.

Your focus turns to the thoughts in your head rather than listen to the longings in your heart.  How will you start listening to the longings in your heart once again?

Remove the blocks to your feelings and open a pathway to your heart and wants.  Remove the roadblocks. 

Do you know what you want?  When did you stop knowing what you want?  What did you cast yourself adrift?  When did you stop doing what you want?  When did you become a drifter in life? 

Take control of your life by learning to listen to your wants and act on your wants.  By doing what you want, you feel satisfied and complete.  If you just do, without purpose of satisfying a need, there is no satisfaction or closure.

You deserve to listen to the goodness in your heart.  Your goodness is real and your beauty is real.  You are good and deserve the love that your heart craves.

Get pulled into your heart and listen.  Listen well.  It has been a long while for you.  There is a lot to hear.  It will warm the cockles of your heart.  You have been cold and distant for too long.  Awaken the spirit in your heart.  Discover your longings and you will find that they are pure.  Feed the longings and you will emerge as a champion.

Rekindle some warmth in the cold cockles of your jaded heart.  And why is your heart tired or exhausted?  It is tired of trying to get your attention.  Pay attention to your heart.  Find the song and dance in your heart.  Share it with the world.  You are special and you should share your joy with the world.


Find out what you want and go for it.  Connect with your heart to find out what you want.  Your heart is special and needs attention.  You are special and need attention.  And you are a winner and will activate your success mechanism and achieve spectacular success.