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Thursday, June 13, 2013


The past two weeks were wonderfully invigorating because of a “flying car”.  No, I don’t mean Fred MacMurray’s car in The Absent Minded Professor nor do I mean Dick Van Dyke’s car in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Flying Car is the metaphor evoked by the Greater Milwaukee Committee’s Innovation in Milwaukee (MiKE) Initiative.  Flying Car is the metaphor for a technology or idea that revolutionizes the world.  Flying Car Milwaukee 2013 was held from June 1-10, 2013.  If you did not hear about it this year, you missed a wonderful blend of creative talent, industry, and community.  I applaud the Greater Milwaukee Committee and all the sponsors and organizers for this awesome series of events. 

Flying Car, presented by the Greater Milwaukee Committee's Innovation in Milwaukee (MiKE) Initiative, is an annual destination event to inspire minds with the year's brightest technological advances and empower them to launch their own world-changing ideas into the marketplace. Formerly known as Milwaukee Innovation Week, Flying Car 2013 takes off for ten days of workshops, networking, pitches, and our signature gala.
Inventors, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and members of the future-loving public are invited to create—and celebrate—a better tomorrow in our positive, retro-50s environment.”

On Monday, June 3, 2013, the Creative Alliance Milwaukee hosted a presentation by Dr. Dennis Cheek which sparked the importance of collaboration in Greater Milwaukee though embracing all of its diversity.  We had a breakout session after the presentation that generated renewed enthusiasm and action plans for what will make us a unique metropolis driven by economic development.  For further information, contact Maggie Kuhn Jacobus, President and Executive Director, Creative Alliance Milwaukee, mjacobus@creativealliancemke.org

Also, check out Flying Car Milwaukee on Facebook!