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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Don''t let your mind run away with you

Concentration is the key to success in everything I do. I do well when I concentrate and I don't do well when I get distracted. It is a simple as that. As long as I stay focused on the task I am comfortable and in the zone. When I let my mind run away with me, I am find myself in some other place and I stumble and fall.

It goes back to the firm place that Jackie talked about during the POLs by the Public Allies yesterday. As long as I am focused on a firm place in mind and centered on the task at hand, I am going to be successful. The firm place in my mind is key to my ability to be strong in tough situations. The firm place or my "good inner voice" helps be in touch with my inner strength and draw upon it when I need it.

My mind runs away with me when I am caught up in a circle of concern and get worried about what others will think about me if I fail. If I proceed fearlessly, I win. If I proceed fearfully, the world smells the fear and takes advantage of it. This is my constant battle. I want to be loving toward the world but in the process of that friendliness I get caught up in a circle of concern. The world would be much friendlier to me if I was in my circle of influence and succeeding in my efforts.

Thank you Jackie for reminding to think about my firm place and my circle of influence. Thank you also for helping me connect meditation with the discovery of my circle of influence. Discovery of my firm place leads to a centering that helps me perform better in the world.

Jackie, Jackie, Jackie!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Cope with uncertainity

It is very important to learn how to cope with uncertainity. Life is all about uncertainity. We cannot be sure what is going to happen in the future. All we have is the present and we can influence the present. By focusing on taking the right steps now we work towards a more predictable future.

Inner strength

Learn to listen to your inner voice and develop inner strength. This will help you with your brain resilience. Replace worry with work.

Sometimes it is really difficult to identify your inner voice and encourage it to continue to talk to you. Your inner voice is your strength, it is your faith in your abilities. Your inner voice is your accumulated wisdom, listen to it!


Resilience is about getting up when you are down. It is about fight instead of flight. It is about believing in yourself even if you don't have the strength to believe. Brain resilience is about having confidence in your brain fitness.

It starts with a commitment to success. Resilience is about fighting for each point like it is the match point. Resilience is about not quitting.