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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Nelda's wisdom

I visit the Washington Park Senior Center every first Wednesday of the month during my lunch hour.  My hour is devoted to anything related to brain fitness.  We do not have a fixed agenda or any content that has to be covered.  It grows from our interaction and I lead by encouraging the interaction with an environment of friendliness and empathy.  I have grown to love my regular attendees and they love me back.

Nelda is my favorite attendee.  Tiny, twinkled eyed, and sharp - Nelda cautions me not to say that she is a bit older than me but than I am a bit younger than her.

I have a sneaking suspicion that I have become attached to her.

About five or six years ago, Nelda started to attend my mind aerobics sessions.  At the time, I would go there whenever convenient.  Nelda is the one who insisted that we should meet more often and since then I have been diligent about my first Wednesday visits to WPSC.  Seldom have I missed a visit and seldom has Nelda missed attending a session.

Last week, I told Nelda about my thoughts about what I wanted to recapture from my twenty five year old me and when I would like to carry forward to my eighty five year old me.  She encouraged me to journal my thoughts and advised me that these journal entries would help me in my journey forward.

Nelda, thank you for this wisdom.  I thank you; my twenty five year old me and my eighty five year old me thank you too!