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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Just Do It!

Motivation doesn't come and hit you on the head! You've got to get off your butt and Just Do It! Healthy habits require doing to start the ball rolling.

During the presentation last week, I talked about motivation and how it grows after we start doing. One of the attendees, Thelma, who is 85 years old resonated with that aspect of the presentation. She said that she finds that she has to push herself to do something. She and a friend go for swimming regularly. The thought of her friend knocking at her door at 5pm pushes her to get up and do.

She did say that she tends to think of lack of motivation as depression. I told her that it is okay not to want to do stuff all the time. Sometimes we don't have the energy to do. That's okay! Forget it and let yourself take it easy! You probably do stuff 80-90% of the time anyway! Give yourself a break willya!