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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Thankful for now

I am thankful for my life exactly as it is now. I heard the example of everyone sitting in a circle and God told them to throw their worst problems into the center. Then he/she/the force asked them to pick from the center....they each picked their own problem!

No such thing....

No such thing as waiting for the right time to do something! Now is the time! Don't wait, move forward now!

Mental edging with Mind aerobics

At Alexian, the three hour workshop cum dinner was attended by 13 people yesterday. I am happy with the experience, I am comfortable with the half-day workshop format now.

Paula got an aha when I talked about memory being like a jig-saw puzzle and not linear. She had an identical experience when she started playing the flute after a long time. The first time she picked the flute she had no idea what to do and similarly the next couple times. Then, one time she picked up the flute lined up with her arm out straight in line with her eye and placed her fingers comfortably in the correct positions. From then on she was fine and she was able to remember from her past lessons ...those lessons were many, many years ago.

Lee got an aha from the saying out loud recommendation. He did not remember it right away but towards the end of the class, he recalled that once his shop was robbed and he was able to remember the license plate of the getaway vehicle by yelling it out loud several times until he could talk to the police.

Enjoyed having Dot in class....very energetic! Also enjoyed Kathleen, Jo, Dee, and Marilyn. Marilyn had attended my four-week class about two years ago. Ilsa was there too!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


About 40 people at Cedarburg Women's Club today. "Brain Jogging" from 12:45 to 1:45 pm. Lois is very alert, I enjoyed meeting with her.

Barbara told me that my enthusiasm rubbed off on her. Katie was very thoughtful in her appreciation. Several of the attendees complimented me.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Cuddahy - Feeling Good is Your Right

Purpose and passion; socializing; and hope were major points of discussion in our "Feeling Good is Your Right" presentation yesterday. Though Barbara and I had not rehearsed for about two months, we were quite spontaneous and connected with our group of 16. There was plenty of discussion and there were a couple of poignant notes: (i) one attendee has not heard from here son after Katrina...though she and husband continue to be hopeful, and (ii) another attendee has macular degeneration and fears that she will go blind soon. Made me wonder how we can claim our right to feel good if we have such disturbing news in our lives.

I hope that our presentations are helpful in putting things into a bearable context. One lady in the audience, Jan, said that she would like to see everyone feeling good about life. I like that comment a lot! Thank you Jan!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


My fans: Maggie, Mabel, Marlene, Mark, Mary, Norm, Malinda, Kay and Tom were all there today. I emphasized concentration and taming of anger today and then did the day-dreaming exercise. Pat, Loretta, and Ruby were first timers today. There were about six others present today.

I learned from Pat that it takes 20 seconds to the birthday song twice ....she had heard that on Oprah...you are supposed to wash your hands for twenty seconds....I emphasize 20 seconds for the working memory to modulate the memory into a short term memory. Now I have tangible way to describe 20 seconds! Thank you to Pat, the newcomer at WPSC!

I got a WOW! from Jodi, she ran the Chicago Marathon for the third time this year. Her time this year was about 3 hrs and 45 mins. Last year she took about half an hour more. So this year was her personal best.