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Monday, May 07, 2012

Life in Layers

We seem to have to gently lift one layer in order to access another layer.  Most of time, we are not even sure that there is another layer.  Like transparent Scotch tape that is too thin to see, we have to guess that there is a layer and start gently scraping the surface.  Not too hard, just in case there is no other layer, and we end up scratch the original surface and damage it.

Hard to know when we reach another layer in a relationship.  Suddenly there is a breakthrough and we feel the world move.  These are the choice points in our lives that happen when we are genuine and feel that what we have to do is the only thing which is right.  No second guessing the decision, you make the choice, thinking it will help one person and that the other person will just have to accept it and hope that you will have both relationships hold strong at the end.

I forgive unconditionally, will you do so with me?  I hope so.  Life is meant for love not grudge and regret.  Life is beautiful, it is up to you and me to appreciate it.  There is a layer that you have not seen yet, look for it.  Once you find it, the magic will be yours too.

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