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Sunday, May 06, 2012

From Twitter to Blog

I was working on increasing my "followers" on Twitter and came across a tweet that reminded me about the importance of having a practice for writing.  It reminded me of "Morning Pages" that Julia Cameron recommends in her book "The Artists Way".

This morning, I determined to start writing as soon as my coffee was ready and now I am here at my desk, sitting on my exercise ball and typing into a blog on my Macbook Pro.  It is very pleasing just to be here and doing this activity.  It makes me feel alert and in the moment.  My coffee tastes great too!

On my wall, in my room, I have written, "Luckily the world is absolutely full of interesting things to do!"  This is an exciting time in our lives when we can cross from visual, to sound, to written word, to conversation.

Let's not forget smell, taste, and touch.  The digital world has not taken over smell, taste, and touch.  I cannot touch my mother, nor can I touch my great-niece, through Skype.  I cannot get a full feel of them through digital media.  I still have to be there to enjoy them with my whole brain and all of my feelings.  The gentle touch of our hands, the cuddle, the whiff of scent, the after-taste of a kiss on my lips.  I cannot reproduce these through digital media.

We get so much stimulation of simulation, lol, where did that come from?  Our two senses of sight and sound are inundated and saturated with triggers that create expectations for the other three senses.  Only to disappoint them.  Two tempt the three and leave them bereft of closure.  No wonder we have a sense of incompleteness in our lives.  The crescendo of visual and auditory stimuli leave us longing for the stimuli to our other three senses and a deep sense of longing for the wholeness of the experience.

Memory can fill in a few gaps.  Our brains are miraculous and can do fill in the sensory gaps.  The brain does not know the difference between a fantasy and a reality.  I could pretend to be on vacation in my mind and actually feel like I was on a vacation.  I could pretend to have sex with a gorgeous woman and actually feel like I did have sex with her.  Really?  Can I really derive the full benefits of those physical experiences through my imagination alone?

I am not trying to make "sense" of my lack of stimulation to the other senses.  Remember that this kind of like a morning page and I am doing this to exercise my writing skills without inhibition.  I am exposing my raw thoughts in a blog that I will make public for those who "stumble upon" my blog.

Interestingly, I am confident enough in my writing skills that I am not worried about judgement and the media of the blogosphere leaves me talking to an anonymous audience.  Maybe then, this is the ideal way to throw my thoughts out into the universe.

Julia Cameron recommended three pages for morning pages, what is that equivalent to in a blog like this one?  Before I close this blog, I would like to acknowledge the author who reminded me of morning pages.  For that, I will need to open another tab and look in my tweets.  Wait a moment, I will be back with that information from the other tab momentarily.

Her name is Arielle Ford, see link:

I am following her on Twitter now.  Thank you Arielle Ford for reminding me of a practice!  

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