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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Healing Gate

Materialize a portal, magically arrive at the doors of heaven,  and walk through the gate of healing.  It seems as though this concept of arriving at a magical destination ("heaven") is prevalent in many cultures.

Technology makes it possible to create such a Healing Gate almost at will.  In some ways, if we look around us, we have "heaven" around us.  We walked through the portals of civilized society and through achievement we surrounded ourselves with clues of "heaven".

And yet, in our minds we chose to find reason not to feel as though we have arrived at a beautiful destination.  Every time we take a moment to feel gratitude, we ought to realize that our generation of mankind has found a kind of "heaven" on earth.

I pray that we do not spoil it for future generations.  Let us cherish our natural resources and use them wisely and nuture these resources for the future of life on this earth.  Let us show reverence for life.  Let us love, care, and be kind to life.  Each morning, let us light a candle, say a prayer, walk through a healing gate, and arrive at humanity.

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