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Thursday, December 20, 2012

'Tis the Season for Hats

When you go to a mall or a restaurant this week, you are probably going to run into a jolly man with a hat on.  Mostly and not surprisingly, the hat is red!  This got me to wondering if have you ever tried on a new hat?

Edward DeBono is known for the Six Thinking Hats.  You may already have heard of them but in the spirit of the season, here goes.   All of us tend to have a preferred mindset toward problem solving.  In the Six Thinking Hats approach we solve problems wearing one of six different colored hats.  Each color is associated with a mindset.

A White Hat is Logical, Green is Creative, Red is Intuitive, Blue is Organized, Black is Cautious, and Yellow is Optimistic.  Next time you are challenged to solve a problem, pick a hat, wear it, and think with the mindset of that hat.  For example, if you wear the Yellow Hat be optimistic in your attitude to the problem and expect to see wonderful solutions.  After about ten minutes with that hat, wear another hat and see what ideas you get with that attitude.  After wearing the six hats in turn, look at your list of solutions and somewhere in there you may find something totally unexpected.  Like your Christmas present! 

Whatever your form of celebration during this season, enjoy and be grateful for your gifts in life.  We all have many talents and we only need to remind ourselves of them.

Happy New Year 2013!  May you be prosperous and healthy and a colorful problem solver!

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