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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Do it with interest

The concentration and the learning follow if you are interested.  You are willing to do the extra work to overcome the obstacles if you are interested.  Without interest, nothing happens.

Am I interested to write about this topic?  Or am I quickly bored with it?  Is there a story that I would like to share about it?  Or is it a whim and fancy to mention on my blog and preserve it here so that I do not forgot about it?  When will I read it again or act upon it?  If the answer is never to both those questions, then why bother preserving it here?  So many interesting blogs that I have written over the past few years and I have not revisited them.  Maybe I should cull my blogs to find some nuggets.  My nuggets are fragmented in these bursts of activity.  Why have I not consolidated them?  Do I lack the conviction to compile them into a collection of useful thoughts that will help others?

Well, at any rate, I am baring my soul on this topic with considerable interest (and frustration, I might add).  Wait, wait, it is not all bad.  In the sharing of my feelings, I feel authentic and liberated and the writing is continuing to flow.  This is a good thing.  I may be on to something here!  I am interested in my chagrin about my fragmented thoughts in my blogs.  It is clearly a self love of some perverted form. Self love nonetheless.  Thank you for this moment of chagrin and thank you for reading, if you are reading, I mean.

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