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Monday, December 17, 2012

A constant companion

Thoughts are my constant companion.  Thoughts are there for me whenever I need love, compassion, bonding, solutions, healing, and more.  I am never lonely, my thoughts always travel with me.  And yet, I forget to appreciate and value my thoughts.  From today forward, I pledge that I will value my thoughts.  My thoughts help me persist until I succeed.  My thoughts teach me new skills.  My thoughts nurture my spirit.

I survive because of my thoughts.  Thoughts are my constant companion.  They do not mind the condition of their surroundings, they tag along all the time.  They do not mind being ignored, they keep coming back in new forms and persist until I pay attention to them.

Writing helps me to honor and reflect upon my thoughts.  My thoughts are precious and they must be preserved through writing.  Each thought is a gem, each word is worth reading.

Thoughts are my constant companion and their form is preserved in my journal.  My journal is alive and well, thank you!

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