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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Schedule a date with your creative side

Daily living requires organization and planning and when all is said and done there seems to be no time for creativity. So trick your organized structure by scheduling a date with your creative side. Set time aside for creativity, just as you would set time aside for meeting with someone. It will be an item on your planner and you have to complete it.

The other side of your brain feels neglected, so make a date with it and pamper it. When it realizes that you care about it, your inner strength will take hold and allow you to flow yourself into the creative venture.

Long before Julia Cameron, there was an author named Dorothea Brande who recommended methods like this. I have been enjoying reading Dorothea Brande's approach to writing. It has allowed me to tap into my inner magic and I have been journaling in my personal journal much more during the last three weeks. Today I thought I would try to do some free writing in this blog.

Dorothea Brande recommends writing one more sentence than you would like to write because you have to reach into your inner thoughts more each time. Once you get used to reach into your inner thoughts and not allow judgement to get in the way of the writing, it becomes easier to become a writer. There is a calming influence of free flowing writing. It is empowering to realized that we can tap into our strengths by resonating with our unconscious thoughts which reveal themselves through our writings.

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