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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Personal Strengths and Anger

Yesterday I was with the support group at the VA again. Bob had invited me on Monday. I was not sure what to discuss and decided to use a handout that I had created this summer. On side one, I asked them to think about one personal strength. Period.

We went around in the circle and everyone stated one personal strength. Julie, Gloria, Maury, Joe, Bill, Don, Norm, LLew, Bob, Bob, Clarence, and Denise. Somehow, the conversation did turn to anger and I was able to use my other handout where I asked them to list ways to take the "grrr" out of their anger.

I then shared an excerpt from "The Lively Mind" by Jules Willing. I shared that Jules Willing wrote this book when he knew that he had a terminal illness and that he wrote it because he did not want his ideas to get lost with him.

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