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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Writing to empty your mind

Too many thoughts can leave you overwhelmed if you do not somehow express them.  When you have too much happening in your life, it sure helps to dump the words somewhere.  That way they help you find focus in the moment.  Tackle one problem, one detail, one issue at a time.  Tackle your life with the to-do list for each day.  What you accomplish in the today determines the future.  Do something that makes sense right now.  Don't second guess yourself.

Write the thoughts down; it clarifies the situation for you and off-loads your mind.

Too much thought is the equivalent of worry and it creates stress in your life.  Writing is the vent that relieves this stress.

You live today, focus on the today.  The tomorrow will depend on well you do today.  Inane worry does not do anything for you.

These aren't short lists of rules, these are tools to thrive in this world.

Thrive don't just survive!

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