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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Prepared mind

Off-load all the baggage so that you are able to concentrate in the moment. Stop brooding over a problem, instead do something to solve the problem. Act on it, don't brood on it.

How to consistently "hit the clear key" on brooding? This is the challenge.

Exercise helps me if I am not too tired after the exercising. Today, I played a crisp game of tennis and then had a protein shake after I came home. I continued to stay as focused after tennis as when I was playing tennis. I came home determined to sit and blog and now I am doing it.

The uncertainty of the next shot from the opponent is no longer an issue in tennis if I approach it with a "prepared mind". I can use relaxed concentration to respond to where the ball is hit. Some anticipation is useful. Too much anticipation can make you lean the wrong way.

Same thing with my personal to-do list. When I make a to-do list, I "hit the clear key" on the feeling of being overwhelmed about everything that I have to accomplish. One by one I cross-off the tasks on my to-do list. One shot at a time on the tennis court. Play the shot and be prepared for the next one to come back over the net. Respond to the next shot and so on.

I wish that I could to articulate a set rules to make this happen consistently. Some days I am able to have the prepared mind better than on other days. How to minimize the other days?

How to have a prepared mind at least 80% of the time?

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