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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Persistence (Hanging Tough)

Concentration requires persistence or "hanging tough". If you have a tendency to give up when the going gets difficult or rough, it becomes hard to concentrate. The most successful people are the ones who hold on when things gets crazy. They tend to have the wherewithal to focus on the things that they do well and stay the course.

It seems as though the ones who give up too soon are the ones who change paths often. Though, on the flip side, in the stock market it is referred to as cutting your losses early. The rule of selling 7% below the buy-point is about cutting your losses early. Hang on to the ones going up and take profit on some stock that gain more than 25%.

Are these counter themes? Is cutting your loss not the same as giving up? Are the ones who persist not mentally prepared for the need to cut their losses on the stock market?

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