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Friday, April 28, 2006


Debbie was an attendee at my presentation today at lunch time. She asked about sensory overload and inability to focus when there are too many things happenning at once. For example, at a basketball game that she went to she was frazzled by all the various things going on - the music, the cheering, the televisions, the vendors, the applause, the partiers, etc. etc. I agreed that managing the clutter is important and then she said that whenever something important is about to happen, she tells herself "BE HERE NOW!"

I like this kind of self affirmation to bring the focus into the present. Being in the moment requires a conscious reminder to be in the present and a habit of self reminder with a simple "mantra" like Debbie's "BE HERE NOW!" is a lot more understandable than "Om Shanthi"

Congratulations Debbie! And thank you for sharing with the group.

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