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Wednesday, November 02, 2005


My fans: Maggie, Mabel, Marlene, Mark, Mary, Norm, Malinda, Kay and Tom were all there today. I emphasized concentration and taming of anger today and then did the day-dreaming exercise. Pat, Loretta, and Ruby were first timers today. There were about six others present today.

I learned from Pat that it takes 20 seconds to the birthday song twice ....she had heard that on Oprah...you are supposed to wash your hands for twenty seconds....I emphasize 20 seconds for the working memory to modulate the memory into a short term memory. Now I have tangible way to describe 20 seconds! Thank you to Pat, the newcomer at WPSC!

I got a WOW! from Jodi, she ran the Chicago Marathon for the third time this year. Her time this year was about 3 hrs and 45 mins. Last year she took about half an hour more. So this year was her personal best.

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