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Friday, November 04, 2005

Cuddahy - Feeling Good is Your Right

Purpose and passion; socializing; and hope were major points of discussion in our "Feeling Good is Your Right" presentation yesterday. Though Barbara and I had not rehearsed for about two months, we were quite spontaneous and connected with our group of 16. There was plenty of discussion and there were a couple of poignant notes: (i) one attendee has not heard from here son after Katrina...though she and husband continue to be hopeful, and (ii) another attendee has macular degeneration and fears that she will go blind soon. Made me wonder how we can claim our right to feel good if we have such disturbing news in our lives.

I hope that our presentations are helpful in putting things into a bearable context. One lady in the audience, Jan, said that she would like to see everyone feeling good about life. I like that comment a lot! Thank you Jan!