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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Personal Legend

Touched by "The Point" and "The Alchemist" today.  The stars are speaking to me and I am back in tune with them.  The choice of silence during the past two weeks was a good one.  I have let myself listen and the world has sent its message and I have heard it.  I know for sure that I am hearing it loud and clear.

My brain had run away from my heart and I have helped it find its way back.  You can go home again to your passion.   You can set your brain back in coherence with your heart.  Think, unlearn, and engage.  Engage back with your passion and your heart's longings.  Unlearn the wrong education - jettison the structure that is meaningless. Become yourself once again.  అ ఆ ఇ ఈ ఉ ఊ ఎ ఏ ఐ ఒ ఓ ఔ అం అః 

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