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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My puppet

Yesterday, I brought my puppet to life during a presentation at WPSC. My puppet is now called Trigger - as in memory trigger. Trigger is a distant cousin of Tigger and looks identical to Tigger. During the past four years, Trigger has been my mascot and not a puppet - now that has changed, thanks to my sister. My sister, Ratnamala Nori, is a puppeteer in Hyderabad India. She uses puppets to educate and entertain us.

When I was talking with her during a recent visit, she made me realize that I was not willing to take a risk and bring my puppet into my presentations. She made me realize that I was doing the very same thing that I urge my attendees not to do. I feared rejection of my puppet - in other words, I was unwilling to risk trying something new. For four years, Trigger has been quiet! Now he has to speak at every presentation.

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