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Friday, March 03, 2006

UW-Parkside "Mind Aerobics"

Pleasantly so, the class at UWP is a go. It is a two week version of my "Mind Aerobics" class.

We met on Tuesday Feb. 28th from 6:45 to 9:15pm, let me try to name everyone in the class.

Judy, Julie, Jenny, Janice, Jan, Jasca, Joanne, Felicia (Jenny's close friend - attended each others weddings), Kathy, Gloria, Mark, Eva, and Lori. And that's everyone. God Bless them all! I wouldn't have so much fun in these classes if it was not for the interest and attendance of all of these wonderful people!

I always amazes me to see a room full of people are willing to spend a precious part of their life to listen to the information that I present in the classes. I got extremely tired this time but it was worth it! At the end of the class Gloria told me that she really enjoyed the class and wanted me to know it because she cannot attend next week. That was so nice of her to let me know.