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Monday, February 27, 2006

Barnes and Noble "Brain Jogging" Evening

On Thursday, February 23, 2006, I did my fourth session at B&N in Racine. It was an extra special evening for everyone. I am trying to analyse why.

First of all, in the circle were Jan Ca., Eileen, Irene, Barb, Lori, Don, Carol, Cheri, Lloyd, Susan, Molly, Jan Cl., and me. Jan Cl., Molly, Carol, and Eileen were the only ones there on January 26, 2006. That evening was very interactive because we were only five people. Seeing them in this group again gave me extra confidence. Susan was in my second session at B&N, this gave me more confidence. Barb was the organizer at St. Monica's three years ago, when my presentation was well publicized in the Racine Journal Times. Irene came with Barb. I know Jan Ca., from Usha's work group. Lori and Don looked familiar, and Lloyd looked keenly interested throughout the evening. Cheri, of course, is the organizer of this event at B&N.

Bottom line is that I related to all of them!!

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