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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Holy Hill

After an Interclub tennis match at Pleasant Valley yesterday, my intuition pulled me to Holy Hill. I was drawn to the feeling of calm and sanctity there. As I drove there, I was reminded about Tirupathi in India. As I reached Holy Hill, there was a special evening mass that was about to start. I observed how everyone was touching the water before entering. I too did so. After I entered it was so beautiful and calming inside, I decided to stay for the mass. I felt a deep feeling of cleansing and joy during my hour there.

It does not matter what religious pathway you choose, all that matters is love, peace, and harmony. The feeling I got while at the mass was similar to what I would feel at a sanctified temple. Years of concentration, prayer, love, and faith at a place of worship make that place a holy place. It is a holiness that can be appreciated no matter what your religious upbringing.

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